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Smart Watch

for Luxury Products 

We collaborate with Brands and Traders to transform every luxury physical object into NFTs to certify its authenticity and increase its value.

Engagement Rings

Turning luxury products into NFTs for the Metaverse. 

Imagine digital worlds, cities, buildings or even just rooms in the Metaverse with billions of people interacting with them. Imagine a display network promoting brands and advertisers in a digital version of Times Square or Piccadilly Circus. Imagine owning these advertising spaces and the creative works they promote. Now stop imagining it, we are building it. Join us today!

Step 1

Ring Candy Stamp

Step 2

Tube Candy Stamp

Step 3

Candies Stamp

Buy our NFTs and secure an advertising spot.

We will place Ads on your advertising space.

The value of your NFTs will increase and we will unlock exclusive rewards.

Giving all the players a stake in the advertising game of the future

Sports Car

More than 30 creators have already joined us to connect brands and advertisers with a global community of 

+4.500.000 people

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